Based in both Whitehorse and Dawson City, we operate a Britain-Norman (BN-2) Islander as well as a Cessna 206 out of each location. We also have a Cessna 172 that roams between our two locations as needed. With this fleet, we can accommodate almost any load that needs to go to or come from the wilds of the Yukon.

BN-2A Islander:

  • 7 Passengers with heavy gear or up to 2000 lbs of carg
  • Cruises at 140 mph
  • Range up to 550 miles
  • Accepts bulky cargo including up to 5 fuel drums and lumber up to16 ft.
  • Bulk fuel system available

C-206 Stationair:

  • 5 or 4 passengers with heavy gear or up to 1100 lbs of cargo.
  • Cruises at 140 mph
  • Long-range fuel tanks, 800 miles or 7+ hours endurance
  • 6-place intercom
  • Rear windows with photo-hatches
  • Internally wired and optimized for telemetry

C-172 Skyhawk:

  • 3 Passengers with light gear or up to 1000 lbs cargo
  • Cruises at 120 mph
  • Rear windows with photo-hatches
  • 4-place intercom
  • Rear windows with photo-hatches
  • Photo-bubble door available (allows vertical shooting or obliques)